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Work Place Massage

EMR Wellbeing offers work place chair massage, which means the Massage Therapist comes to your place of work, which eliminates the need to travel to the clinic.

Benefits of a 15 minute work place chair massage are;
  • Can help reduce stress
  • Can help relieve muscle tension and pain
  • Can help relieve headaches
  • Help with repetitive strain injures or gradual process injuries
  • Can help with increase focus, energy and mental clarity
All of these benefits in turn will create a great atmosphere, employees will feel appreciated, could help with longevity of staff, people become aware of their own bodies and can start to address their stresses or anxiety, as they become more accountable for their own wellbeing, which could mean less sick days to the business.

It is ideal if the workplace can provide a separate area for the chair massage and there is an internal contact person that can co-ordinate the staff and the booking sheet for the time that the massage therapist is there.

The massage is received fully-clothed on a specially designed, portable and adjustable massage chair. It concentrates on the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands.

The Massage Therapist uses a combination of massage techniques to ease tension and increase circulation in key muscle groups.

Businesses may choose to pay or subsidise this service or it may be a user pays system.

A minimum of 4 people is required per visit, please contact EMR Wellbeing to discuss pricing, as a travel charge maybe added to the overall cost if travelling outside of the Hutt Valley.

Chair massage is not only for corporate business, some examples of other businesses that EMR Wellbeing provides chair massage to are;
  • Kindergartens
  • Jewellers
  • Hairdressers
  • Medical Centre
Call today, to make workplace chair massage part of your workplace wellness plan. 
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