The need for touch and rebalance is of paramount importance in this crazy, fast paced world that we find ourselves in. The rate of change that we are experiencing is phenomenal, but our body systems have not changed and we have to remind ourselves of this and this is where massage can help.

EMR Wellbeing offers different types of massages that can address various kinds of dysfunction, imbalances and pain.

EMR Wellbeing has experienced massage therapists who can assist you and provide you with high quality services for your ultimate satisfaction. Whether it is relaxation, pregnancy massage or deep tissue work all massage sessions are delivered with intentional healing purpose.

Each massage session, which ranges from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, is individually tailored to your needs, whether it is your first visit with us or you are a regular client.

All massage sessions will be documented by the therapist to efficiently monitor your treatments.


We value your health the most. Nurture it with us. Set an appointment with our therapist today!


Through the expert use of palms, fingers and elbows, (and sometimes cupping can be used), Deep Tissue Massage uses sustained pressure and deep strokes to directly break up adhesions/knots in your muscles to reduce pain and promote renewed healing.

It uses a variety of techniques with deeper pressure and friction, focusing on the deepest layer of muscle tissue, origin and insertion points of muscles. It pushes stagnated blood out from restrictions in your muscle tissues which in turn promotes recovery and reduces tensions, soreness and stiffness.

What to expect from a Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage session begins with a conversation between you and the therapist to determine what you would like to achieve from your massage session and identify areas of the body that will require work during the session.

At certain points during a Deep Tissue Massage, most people find there usually is some discomfort and pain as work is performed to reach deeper muscles, the muscle origins and insertions and ways to activate the appropriate muscle.

It is important to communicate to the therapist when things start to hurt outside of your comfort zone. Our therapist is equipped with years of formal training and experience and can adjust the level of pressure to ensure that you feel relaxed throughout the session and your brain gets the correct message to help release the areas of tension.

ENHANCE your mobility.

MAINTAIN a good posture. Look smarter and feel more confident without friction and stiffness.

REVIVE yourself from chronic pain over a series of treatments.


Don't let muscle pain and tension stifle your daily activities. Deep Tissue Massage can improve blood circulation, speed up muscle recovery and reduce stiffness so you feel more relaxed as you go about your day. Set an appointment with our therapist today!

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