Fiona Dolan - Massage Therapist and Business Owner
Growing up in the Hutt Valley and having many opportunities with exploring the beaches, valleys and the hills kept me active, as well as being involved in many sporting clubs.  Each summer I had a season pass to the local pool, which is where many summers were spent or we were at the family beach house in Waitarere, exploring the pine forests, hiding in sand dunes, learning to body surf the waves, floundering or looking for pipi’s.

My mother is now a retired physiotherapist and I was often asked if I would like be a physio like my mum?  In my teenage years I couldn’t think of anything worse than being like my mum (sorry Mum), but the fact of the matter is I am very much like my mum when it comes to the respect for the human body, but the main difference between us is that Mum would always have her nose in a book (and still does) where I would always be out playing tennis, at the swimming pool, riding my bike and, in the winter months, playing netball and badminton. Today, I am not as actively involved in sporting clubs (except as a taxi service for my kids' activities), but I do get out and jog, participate in events, eg duathlons, get to a yoga class when time permits and enjoy bush walking and bike riding.

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My deep interest in the human body lead me to study Massage Therapy in my 30s, when I studied at the NSW School of Massage Therapy.  After returning to New Zealand, EMR Wellbeing (Enhance, Maintain, Revive) was born and I have passion to deliver tailored massage therapy and work with the individual to provide them with a positive therapeutic massage experience within their comfort zone.
Fiona can be contacted on 021913224 or fiona@emrwellbeing.co.nz or book here with Fiona.

Kristina Ponte Towgood - Clinical Massage Therapist

Sports and science have been core aspects of my life. For as long as I can remember, I always loved to learn more about the human body and playing badminton. 
From years of playing, I can say that I’ve had a fair number of injuries. Through this, I wanted to understand the effects of injuries to the body and how the body coped and healed. 
Massage therapy showed me a path to help my friends and family through their recovery. I also found that educating clients and raising their self awareness helped in returning to functional movement. 
My experience in massage range from injury recovery treatments for sports teams such as rugby, basketball, badminton and netball to client specific treatments for office and hospitality workers. I also have been trained in cupping, relaxation massage, therapeutic massage and sports massage.
My formal qualifications include a Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage Therapy (Level 5) in 2017 and subsequently completed Diploma in Clinical Therapeutic Massage (Level 6) in 2018. 

Kristina can be contacted on 021 2011 902 or kristina@emrwellbeing.co.nz or book here with Kristina.

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