The need for touch and rebalance is of paramount importance in this crazy, fast paced world that we find ourselves in. The rate of change that we are experiencing is phenomenal, but our body systems have not changed and we have to remind ourselves of this and this is where massage can help.

EMR Wellbeing offers different types of massages that can address various kinds of dysfunction, imbalances and pain.

EMR Wellbeing has experienced massage therapists who can assist you and provide you with high quality services for your ultimate satisfaction. Whether it is relaxation, pregnancy massage or deep tissue work all massage sessions are delivered with intentional healing purpose.

Each massage session, which ranges from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, is individually tailored to your needs, whether it is your first visit with us or you are a regular client.

All massage sessions will be documented by the therapist to efficiently monitor your treatments.


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Scar tissue is the body's natural response to the healing process when the body has undergone surgery/incision, a burn and injury. It is like scaffolding to help with the healing process and the tissue is laid down in multiple directions, not in an orderly way.

Over time the superficial scar may fade and its appearance not bother you, but if left untreated, thicker, more dense scar tissue can form below this surface area, so you could feel a pulling sensation or restriction when you want to move your body. Any kind of pull, restriction or distortion on the body's tissues will force your body to work harder.

It is never too late to receive a scar tissue release massage. You may just need a couple of sessions to feel confident and comfortable to do this on yourself at home.

What to expect from scar tissue release massage

There are two main approaches to scar massage release;

  • The energetic approach, which is good to use within the first six weeks of post surgery or injury. No work is done directly on the scar, visualisations and energy flow can be used for scar healing.
  • The physical massage approach, which can be done six weeks post op or injury, as long as there is no sign of infection. Work is done by the physical touching and manual movements of the skin, muscles and abdominal organs in the case of c-section scarring. The application of pressure to the scar and the surrounding areas of the surgery, injury or burn site, help the therapist to understand how the tissues are moving or not moving and can develop a planned approach to your personalised scar tissue release massage.

ENHANCE, your knowledge of how scar tissue causes restrictions and be empowered how to remedy this.

MAINTAIN, the healing process in an ordered way.

REVIVE, your body's tissues, so they do not have to work as hard.


Improve the integrity of your scar, through acceptance of how your scar came about, and let it become a coherent part of your anatomy, which does not create restrictions.

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