The need for touch and rebalance is of paramount importance in this crazy, fast paced world that we find ourselves in. The rate of change that we are experiencing is phenomenal, but our body systems have not changed and we have to remind ourselves of this and this is where massage can help.

EMR Wellbeing offers different types of massages that can address various kinds of dysfunction, imbalances and pain.

EMR Wellbeing has experienced massage therapists who can assist you and provide you with high quality services for your ultimate satisfaction. Whether it is relaxation, pregnancy massage or deep tissue work all massage sessions are delivered with intentional healing purpose.

Each massage session, which ranges from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, is individually tailored to your needs, whether it is your first visit with us or you are a regular client.

All massage sessions will be documented by the therapist to efficiently monitor your treatments.


We value your health the most. Nurture it with us. Set an appointment with our therapist today!


Relaxation may seem a luxury when you're at work. But EMR Wellbeing makes it possible for you with our workplace chair massage.

Our massage therapist will come to your place of work, saving your precious time as it eliminates the need to travel to the massage clinic.

Providing a designated area for the chair massage at your workplace and assigning a person in-charge to coordinate with an EMR Wellbeing staff and monitor the booking sheet while the massage therapist is there would be most ideal.

Employers may choose to pay or subsidise this service or it may be a user pays system.

A minimum of 4 people is required per visit, please contact EMR Wellbeing to discuss pricing, as a travel charge may be added to the overall cost if travelling outside of the Hutt Valley.

What to expect from a Workplace Chair Massage

You will be fully-clothed during the massage and will be asked to sit on a specially designed, portable and adjustable massage chair, which concentrates on the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. The massage therapist complements the chair massage by providing you a combination of massage techniques to ease tension and increase circulation in key muscle groups.

A 15-minute workplace chair massage helps reduce stress, which is a dominant cause behind most of the disruptions at the workplace; can help relieve muscle tension and pain; ease headaches; helps with repetitive strain injuries or gradual process injuries; improves focus, boosts energy, and sharpens mental clarity.

These benefits can help make your office environment connected and happy, as it will make employees feel appreciated. They will also be made more aware of the importance of taking good care of their own health and wellness.

ENHANCE your focus and productivity.

MAINTAIN a stress-free environment.

REVIVE your mental toughness.


We can assist you in making workplace chair massage part of your workplace wellness plan.