The need for touch and rebalance is of paramount importance in this crazy, fast paced world that we find ourselves in. The rate of change that we are experiencing is phenomenal, but our body systems have not changed and we have to remind ourselves of this and this is where massage can help.

EMR Wellbeing offers different types of massages that can address various kinds of dysfunction, imbalances and pain.

EMR Wellbeing has experienced massage therapists who can assist you and provide you with high quality services for your ultimate satisfaction. Whether it is relaxation, pregnancy massage or deep tissue work all massage sessions are delivered with intentional healing purpose.

Each massage session, which ranges from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, is individually tailored to your needs, whether it is your first visit with us or you are a regular client.

All massage sessions will be documented by the therapist to efficiently monitor your treatments.


We value your health the most. Nurture it with us. Set an appointment with our therapist today!


Allow yourself a bit of respite from the pressure and stress of day to day living. Therapeutic Relaxation Massage uses a variety of flowing strokes to help relax, calm the body, mind and emotions.

It works on the parasympathetic nervous system, which consciously only our breathing patterns can have an effect on. It's a relaxing escape from the busy world around you, where you can let your heightened senses go and your body relax from a constant of alertness.

A Therapeutic Relaxation Massage is perfect to facilitate your body with the rest and repair you need to function at your optimum.

What to expect from a Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

Our Therapeutic Relaxation Massage begins with a conversation between you and the therapist to determine what you would like to achieve from your massage session.

With your requirements and concerns in mind, your massage therapist will create a plan which will help you achieve this goal.

Each session will ensure that you leave the clinic calm and relaxed - the perfect getaway from a hectic daily routine.

ENHANCE your day.

MAINTAIN your busy schedule.

REVIVE your mind and body.


Reward yourself with a deep relaxing massage to combat stress and exhaustion. Give your mind and body the chance to recharge so you're ready to take on whatever comes your way. Set an appointment with our therapist today!

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