The need for touch and rebalance is of paramount importance in this crazy, fast paced world that we find ourselves in. The rate of change that we are experiencing is phenomenal, but our body systems have not changed and we have to remind ourselves of this and this is where massage can help.

EMR Wellbeing offers different types of massages that can address various kinds of dysfunction, imbalances and pain.

EMR Wellbeing has experienced massage therapists who can assist you and provide you with high quality services for your ultimate satisfaction. Whether it is relaxation, pregnancy massage or deep tissue work all massage sessions are delivered with intentional healing purpose.

Each massage session, which ranges from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, is individually tailored to your needs, whether it is your first visit with us or you are a regular client.

All massage sessions will be documented by the therapist to efficiently monitor your treatments.


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Pregnancy can be a very happy and positive time for a woman and should not be thought of as an illness. Yes, the women's body undergoes a lot of change and each woman experiences pregnancy differently while carrying their baby or babies and pregnancy massage can help support these changes, demands and unpredictable emotion.

The benefits of pregnancy massage for the women are;

  • Relaxation helps support the woman emotionally and physically, helps to enhance the positive aspects of the pregnancy and the woman's connection with the growing baby.

The benefits of pregnancy massage for the baby are;

  • A calm, relaxed environment will help mother/baby connection/bonding. The baby will be aware of touch from seven weeks old, through massage this is a great way to communicate to the baby.

Post natal massage, the woman's body is not only recovering from labour, but from the whole nine months of pregnancy, which will make postural changes and result in tight muscles and or digestive issues. Beyond the six week "recovery" period is over, the woman still needs support, time out and to be encouraged to look after themselves, post natal massage can play a key part in this self care. After having a baby, a Mother's life and her body are changed forever.

What to expect from a pregnancy massage

You will fill out a pregnancy intake form and your massage therapist will develop the best approach for you and your developing baby. Depending on how many weeks pregnant you are, will depend on how you are positioned on the massage table. Towels and blankets will be draped to expose the different areas of your body that will be worked on.

A 60 or 90 minute massage time is best for this type of massage.

What to expect from a postnatal massage

Questions will be asked by the Therapist to determine that a post natal massage can be received by the new Mother safely and that the physical and emotional needs of the Mother will be met.

You will be positioned on the table that will be comfortable to you, towels and blankets will be draped to expose areas of the body that will be worked on. Your baby is also welcome to be with you during the massage, this is a relaxed and calm time for you and your baby. After massage care advice can be given.

A 60 or 90 minute massage time is best for this type of massage.

ENHANCE, your bond with your growing baby in vitro and after birth.

MAINTAIN, your breathing and movement during pregnancy and postnatally.

REVIVE, your whole postnatal body.


Having a regular massage during your pregnancy can help address new aches and areas of discomfort as your pregnancy advances and having got to know your massage therapist during your pregnancy massage session, will give you familiarity and comfort postnatally.

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