Enhance Maintain Revive Through Therapeutic Massage
Level 1, Mackay House, 92 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt

Why Choose EMR?

At EMR Wellbeing the focus is you and each session is tailored so you achieve the best possible results for your physical and mental wellbeing. Professional care and attention is provided to each individual client.  If this is your first visit to EMR Wellbeing or you are a regular, each massage session works to help you achieve your wellness goal.
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The clinic is clean and warm, providing you with a safe environment for the different type of massage modalities that EMR Wellbeing can provide.  Your Therapist will ask you about your comfort and treatment pressure during your session. The temperature and music level can be adjusted to your needs, do not hesitate to let your Therapist know.  Some types of treatment will require you to give feedback to your Therapist, other types of treatment may not, so don’t feel like you have to talk during the session, this time is yours make the most of it to achieve the best benefit.

Don’t think of massage a luxury or a pamper session, think of it as a powerful tool to help with your optimal wellbeing.  Let a therapeutic massage session at EMR Wellbeing help you feel renewed, so that your day is Enhanced, you can Maintain your daily schedule and be Revived while you get on with whatever your day throws your way.

EMR Wellbeing should be part of your overall health and wellness plan.
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Level 1, Mackay House
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